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Setúbal (, US also , Portuguese: [sɨˈtuβal, -βɐl] (listen); Proto-Celtic: *Caetobrix) is a city and a municipality in Portugal. The population in 2014 was 118,166, occupying an area of 230.33 km2 (88.9 sq mi). The city itself had 89,303 inhabitants in 2001. It lies within the Lisbon metropolitan area.

In the times of Al-Andalus the city was known as Shaṭūbar (Andalusian Arabic: شَطُوبَر [ʃeˈtˤuːbɑr]). In the 19th century, the port was called Saint Ubes in English, and Saint-Yves in French.

The municipal holiday is 15 September, which marks the date in 1860 when King Pedro V of Portugal officially recognised Setúbal as a city.

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